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10 Nov 2016

Team management is gathering different skill set people to achieve the desired goal. A Collaboration between the team member is a very important part this helps to bring the team closer to achieving their objective.  Every team member should give the first priorities to his team rest of the things should be at the back. The Focus should be on their goal first. Team management is an ability of the manager or organization to coordinate with different team members to perform the task in well systematic manner which helps them to achieve the goal, but if the team collaboration or bonding of doing work is not there within the team then the result will late or it will be a  failure for the company. It is the key responsibility of the manager  or senior level management  to combine the different set of people in a way to achieve the positive result in the task performed by them. In team management the most important part is communication if the communication is not done in the right manner or from proper channel or files and thoughts are not shared at the right time then it can be a disaster for that project.  Like in project management the major role as leader is played by the project manager in project management the first thing is what is the project, then the manager is assigned, then manager makes a plan that how things will work out in the project then he/she selects different skills set people who will be working as the team to complete the project and it doesn’t matter whether they are from the organization or he has hired a new member to complete the task. It is manager responsibility to build a team in an effective way so that there will not be any communication gap between them, he should check on each member how they are performing he should work with them as a mentor on  the team then only he will get the positive result from his team.  

Effective Team Management Skills

For effective team management, leaders should more of mentor to his team: Understanding your team member is  the most important part. Don’t be strict boss because the strictness lowers down the collaboration between you and your team member.  If share a healthy relation with your team then he will give his 100% in his work, but if you make them angry or impose things on him then he will never perform 100% in his work. A healthy relation to workplace always gives positive energy to work and which always give a positive  result.

Every team member should participate in team meetings: Debates are important there should be an open discussion so that every team member can give their valuable input in that. Always allow all suggestions from the team object should be clear and everyone should know his/her job responsibility.

Communication: This is a very important part every team member should be clearly communicated with each other and they should have easy access to superior for any query.  Effective communication will help with team building and helps to avoid different communication error.

The team members must be motivated on a regular basis: motivation helps in better performance from the team member always appreciate the good work done by them or you can distribute incentive and achievement awards these things will motivate them for best performance. Never de-motivate your team member because it will always give the negative impact on your project.

Security of the confidential document: you should keep an eye on your team member that they are giving the information of his team to anyone outside. The team member should know that no information should be passed on to anyone outside the team.


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