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21 Oct 2016
Communication is all about project manager telling things in the right way to right time to the right person then having them act on it. Communication plays a vital role in the management the more effective communication more understanding that will lead to better result. The Communication is among  the team, management, and manager to execute the project. For the success of any project, it all depends on the communication process the well you communicate the better  the result will you get. The manager plays an important role in communication with his team If the manager will not able to communicate well with his team then they will be communication gap within the team and that will create the biggest hassle without having the clear understanding.  Example like manager got the software development project, then he is the person who tells his team what work needs to be done and how  he will explain each team member his/her responsibility or job role. But if he fails to communicate in a better way like if he is not able to explain the task to his team member then this failure of communication from his end because if he doesn’t explain things the way he should then team member will understand something else and work accordingly and that will lead to complete project failure. Communication needs planning, written and distributed. This means
  • Understanding who you are communicating with
  • Establishing what you need to communicate
  • Deciding on the best channels to use
  • Planning when to communicate
Understanding who you are communicating with: In the project management, there  will be many people to communicate with like team and audience to whom you send messages and communicate with. People to communicate include.
Project team:  People who are  working on the project directly or indirectly.
Stakeholder: These people are more interested in the outcome of the project and they are the senior level of members in the project management team, the person makes  an investment on the project. Who initiates the project. High-level management who is related to the project and other people from the department
Impacted business areas: Person who works in a business area that is directly impacting on your project.
Business customers: users who use your product and gives you the feedback.
Third parties: a person outside the company who is related to your project like contractors, stakeholder etc.
Once you have acknowledged the groups whom you want to communicate you can design your idea to communicate with them in the best way. It is very important to use the proper channel when you are communicating.

Establishing what you need to communicate:  It depends on the project that what you want to communicate and in what manner. The types of message you could share
Impact: explains your team about the effect of the project on the team and business so that they can work accordingly.
Benefits: share the positive outcome that project will give after completion.
Reporting: share the proper report that how your project is progressing if there is any risk or not.
Changes: explain the changes that are going on the project.
Feedback: Getting feedback from different areas will help in the decision of the project.
Training: Gives training to groups or individual if they required.

Deciding on the best channels to use:  There are many channels to communicate and it’s important that you use appropriate channels with relevant team. Many channels like
Email: send emails to individual or groups.
SMS: sending messages to mobile devices with relevant information.
Call: updating about the project via calling them
Reporting: sharing the relevant project details to different parties.
Face-to-face: sharing details of the project in meetings, workshop, and a one-on-one session.
Web and intranet: sharing update via internet, forums or site update.

Planning when to communicate:  Good communication plan will help to know when to communicate and with what type of audience. Because communicating early with the relevant audience can have a chance that they forget it. And communicating too late can be difficult to adapt, change in the running project. Proper planning can work like a map that helps the communication to work effectively and can act on it on time.


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